What is RO water purifier

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    RO Water purifier(New series RO water purifier )

    RO water purification principle is also known as RO reverse osmosis principle. RO water purifier is a kind of purified water machine (also known as terminal water purification equipment) that can be directly consumed by human beings after filtration of raw water (physical method) through internationally popular reverse osmosis methods

    What is the meaning of RO water purifier(Big flow rate RO water purifier)

    With the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for drinking water quality, all kinds of water purification equipment emerge in an endless stream and enter thousands of households. Among them, the water purifier with RO membrane function has unique advantages and is the most popular. It has the functions of removing impurities, peculiar smell and decolorization effectively. It can also improve the taste of water and ensure the health of water quality.

    If you want to know what RO water purifier means, you should first know what RO membrane is.(RO water purifier with very low noise)

    Ro is the abbreviation of reverse osmosis, which means reverse osmosis in Chinese. It refers to a membrane separation technology, which relies on reverse osmosis membrane to separate solvent and solute in solution under pressure.

    In short, generally speaking, water will permeate from low concentration to high concentration, and after pressurization, it will permeate from high concentration to low concentration. The principle of reverse osmosis is membrane separation and filtration technology driven by osmotic pressure difference.

    Because the pore size of RO membrane is one millionth of that of hair, as small as nanometer (0.0001 micron), the filtration effect of RO membrane is very good!

    Only water molecules and a small part of mineral ions can pass through RO membrane safely, and other impurities such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic compounds (pesticides, hormones), colloids, bacteria, viruses, etc. are discharged from waste water pipes.

    With the increasing maturity of RO membrane technology, RO RO water purifier has entered into thousands of households, and has become the safest drinking water purification scheme. Filtered water that can be directly drunk has changed the traditional way of drinking water in the past. It not only ensures the health of drinking water for residents, but also greatly improves people’s quality of life.

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