Why should the water purifier discharge water for the first time [reverse osmosis water purifier recommendation]

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After the newly purchased water purifier is installed, it can not be used directly, but needs to drain water for a period of time. Why? How long does it take to drain? Today, Xiaobian will take you to solve your doubts.

Why should the water purifier discharge water for the first time(RO WATER PURIFIER

Before the first use of the water purifier, it is necessary to drain water to wash the filter element of the water purifier, mainly to wash off the protective liquid on the filter element. The main components of the protective liquid are glycerol and water, which is basically harmless to human body;

Since the filter element of the water purifier contains activated carbon, the water discharged for the first time may be black, which is a normal phenomenon. The black component is activated carbon;

Generally, it is necessary to drain water until there is no foam or black in the water. It is best to drain a bucket of water and then it can be used normally.(UNDERSINK WATER FILTER

The discharge time of different water purifiers is also different. Some take 15 minutes and some take half an hour. Generally, there will be specific instructions in the manual, so you need to read the manual carefully before discharging water.

Under what other circumstances does the water purifier need to discharge water

In addition to the need to drain water for the first time, if the water purifier is idle for a long time, it also needs to drain water before reuse, because the residual water in the water purifier is no longer fresh and cannot be drunk directly after returning home, so it needs to be flushed.

What other precautions are there for the first use of the water purifier

1. The water purifier can be washed regularly, which can improve the service life of the filter element;

2. Replace the filter element regularly. The filter element of the water purifier has a service life. Replace it in time when it expires to avoid secondary pollution of the water source. Generally, the water purifier will be equipped with a reminder for replacing the filter element, which can be directly contacted with the after-sales service for replacement;(TABLETOP WATER DISPENSER

3. In case of failure of the water purifier, contact the after-sales service in time. Do not dismantle the machine casually. Dismantling and destroying the water purifier will increase the maintenance cost;

4. The waste water from washing the filter element of the water purifier can be collected for secondary use, which can reduce the waste of water resources.

5. If the water output of the water purifier suddenly decreases, the filter element may have problems and need to be repaired in time;

Post time: May-11-2022