Why is there more chloride ion in tap water? Good water purifier recommended

Why is there more chloride ion in tap water?

There are three main sources of chloride ions in water:


1、 Many salts dissolved in water are chlorides, such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, etc. water filter


2、 If tap water is used, chlorine or other chlorides are mainly used in the disinfection of water plants, and chlorine will remain in the water after disinfection. RO water filter


3、 Pesticides and chlorine containing chemical sewage, which enter the water body, will also lead to excessive chlorine. reverse osmosis water filter

What harm will residual chlorine in water do to human body?

1. Drinking hazards

After the tap water is boiled, the organic humus in the water produces carcinogens such as chloroform. If the residual chlorine cannot be removed, the coffee, tea and soup we drink every day will generate double carcinogens in the human body after heating. Drinking chlorine containing water for a long time may lead to heart disease, coronary atherosclerosis, anemia and other symptoms. If it is drunk by pregnant women for a long time, it may have a certain impact on the growth of fetal heart and lungs, and more likely lead to neonatal arrhythmia and pulmonary dysfunction.


2. Washing hazard

Bathing with water containing residual chlorine, 40% of the total amount of chlorine in the bathroom is inhaled through the respiratory tract, and 30% is absorbed by the skin, which is several times the chlorine that usually enters the human body through drinking. Light people will itch, and heavy people will increase the risk of cancer by 30%. Especially when bathing children, chlorine will make their hair dry and broken, even bifurcate, bleach the skin, peel off the skin layer, and cause skin allergy. After chlorine is inhaled into the lungs through the respiratory tract, it will damage respiratory cells and easily lead to asthma and emphysema.


3. Cleaning hazards

What effect does water containing residual chlorine have on vegetables, fruits, grains, etc? Chlorine will destroy the vitamins and other nutrients in vegetables, fruits and grains, and seriously affect the absorption of nutrients by the human body. Chlorine combines with natural organics in water, especially humus, to produce chloroform and other compounds, which are recognized as carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic “three carcinogenic” harmful substances, and cause great damage to the body.

Can the water purifier remove chlorine?

The filter element of the water purifier that can remove chlorine includes activated carbon and reverse osmosis RO membrane. Generally, the pre activated carbon is mainly used to remove chlorine in tap water. Although reverse osmosis can also be removed, it is not the main means, because too much chlorine will lead to the penetration of reverse osmosis membrane, the interception rate will be reduced, and the membrane performance will be reduced. Therefore, generally speaking, pre activated carbon is the main means of chlorine removal. Generally, the chlorine contained in tap water can be adsorbed by activated carbon.

Post time: Jul-20-2022