[direct drinking water] do you need to boil it? Water quality standards, efficacy and equipment recommendations


What is direct drinking water(RO WATER PURIFIER

Direct drinking water, also known as healthy living water, refers to direct drinking water that has no pollution, no degradation, meets the physiological needs of human body (containing similar beneficial mineral elements) and pH value is weakly alkaline.


Direct drinking water is clearer and tastes better than ordinary drinking water.(UNDERSINK WATER FILTER


Direct drinking water can be purified directly through water purification equipment at the user terminal, activated, energized and treated by simulating the purification system of natural water, so as to directly output drinking water in line with national standards.


Direct drinking water quality standard(RO WATER PURIFIER RECOMMENDATION

The Ministry of Health announced seven standards for direct drinking water:


1. It does not contain substances that are toxic, harmful or have peculiar smell.


2. The hardness of water is moderate (calculated by calcium carbonate: 50-200mg / L).


3. The proportion of minerals and trace elements in water is similar to that of human body fluid (including calcium content > = 8mg / L).


4. The pH value is medium and weakly alkaline (pH value is 7.0-8.0), which can be used to determine the pH of water.


5. The content of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in water is moderate (dissolved oxygen in water > = 6mg / L, carbon dioxide content 10-30mg / L).


6. Small molecule water (this is one of the activity indicators of water, 5-6 small molecule water).


7. It has the function of dissolving water.

Efficacy of direct drinking water:

Long term application of direct drinking water has the following effects on human body:


1. Make human body fluid weakly alkaline and adjust the body to its best state.


2. Make reactive oxygen species non-toxic, ensure a healthy internal environment and resist the invasion of harmful factors.


3. Activate cells and ensure normal metabolism.


4. Purify blood and eliminate toxins.


5. Fight fatigue and keep vigorous energy. Eliminate sub-health status.


6. Regulate the balance of autonomic nervous system and ensure the lubrication of internal organs.


7. Enhance disease resistance and reduce the occurrence of various diseases.


8. Regular drinking of weak alkaline direct drinking water has analgesic and sedative effects.


9. Improve allergic constitution and prevent the occurrence of immune abnormal diseases.

Post time: Apr-12-2022