COVID-19 variants, experts recommend family drinking water using reverse osmosis water purifier


Recently, the United Kingdom announced the discovery of a new variant of New Coronavirus. It is reported that the virus is 70% more infectious than the previous COVID-19. In the face of the severe situation of global epidemic prevention and control, the general public still need to be vigilant and protect our hard won achievements in the fight against the epidemic.(New series RO water purifier )

China’s success in fighting the epidemic depends on the efforts of each of us, which shows the strong cohesion of our Chinese nation. Today, we should guard this hard won achievement, and we must not take it lightly in the daily prevention and control of the epidemic. We should be cautious in wearing masks, washing hands frequently and paying attention to food hygiene, especially the safety of diet and drinking water.(Big flow rate RO water purifier)

In the early stage of the outbreak, the Health Commission, the CDC, and many experts and scholars have reminded everyone to prevent “diseases from entering from the mouth”. Among them, Professor e Xueli, a researcher of the Institute of environment and health of China CDC who has been engaged in water quality safety for a long time, provided us with a practical preventive measure. He said that the domestic reverse osmosis water purifier can effectively filter out viruses and disinfection by-products, and is an effective measure to protect the safety of drinking water.(RO water purifier with very low noise)

Why can reverse osmosis water purifier filter out viruses? The reason is that most viruses are about 100 nanometers in diameter, or 0.1 microns, for example, the diameter of New Coronavirus is about 0.08~0.12 microns. Bacteria are larger in diameter and can usually reach more than 0.5 microns. The core component of the reverse osmosis water purifier is the “reverse osmosis membrane”. Its filtration accuracy is about 0.0001 micron, which is far less than the virus diameter. Therefore, most viruses and bacteria in the water can be intercepted.

Professor e Xueli, who has been engaged in water quality safety for a long time, has been very concerned about the safety of national drinking water since the epidemic. Professor E Xueli said that although the new crown virus was mainly spread through droplets and contacts, some countries in France and Italy also found viruses in water bodies, so drinking water safety protection is essential.

Post time: Jul-29-2021