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​Ningbo Fortune Introduces Versatile Water Dispenser with Innovative Features


Ningbo Fortune, a leader in home solutions, announces the launch of an advanced water dispenser offering a range of customizable options to meet diverse consumer needs.

This state-of-the-art water dispenser is available in two variants: with and without a filtration system. The non-filtered version provides the flexibility of choosing between top or bottom water barrel placement, or direct connection to a water source via a hose. The filtered option boasts a comprehensive filtration system, including PP, CTO, RO, and T33 filters, ensuring high-quality, purified water.

Featuring three taps for hot, cold, and room temperature water, the water dispenser provides a comprehensive solution for all hydration preferences. The hot water tap is equipped with child lock safety, offering peace of mind for households with young children.

For cold water, users can choose between compressor cooling and electronic cooling. compressor cooling is known for its efficiency and reliability, making it a preferred option for those seeking a constant supply of cold water. On the other hand, electronic cooling offers the advantage of being more energy-efficient, aligning with eco-conscious consumer preferences.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

compressor cooling:


Efficient cooling capability, providing a quick and constant supply of cold water.

Well-suited for high-demand situations, such as offices or busy households.


Consumes more energy compared to electronic cooling.

Requires periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

electronic cooling:


Energy-efficient, contributing to reduced environmental impact.

Quieter operation, ideal for noise-sensitive environments.


May have a slightly slower cooling rate compared to compressor cooling.

Initial upfront cost might be higher.