International Trade Department Team

Our Boss


This is our boss, Megan (MaoYing), from Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. Born and brought up in idyllic countryside, she has always been sincere and upright, either to everyone else or to herself. She is a big fan of tea ceremony, which substantially improves one’s inner peace and sense of aesthetics. She considers integrity as the most important qualification to do any business, especially on water purifier. So closely related to human health, it is far more than just about profit. With every respect to human life, she has been fully devoted to it for a decade. On water purifier, she is the person to be trusted.

Main staff


This is Sherry (her Chinese name is Mengjia Shou). She is a warm and cheerful girl. She has been very motivated to work and has a strong executive force.Treating customers, she has always adhered to the principle of service first. Whenever and wherever customers have questions and need to answer, she can patiently reply and arrange the work carefully.Because of this, she has gained the trust of many customers and those customers are willing to cooperate with her.She has always had a clear mind and a warm service attitude at work.For some uncertain customers, she can also calmly analyze the reasons and make up for her shortcomings.Her motto is “I believe that everyone’s success is not accidental. As long as you work hard, it will always have the result of hard work, show the results to others, and the process is not so important.”


This is Rachel from our export department. She was born and brought up in Shaoxing, ZheJiang province. It is a water town where the people are simple and the scenery is beautiful.In life, She is a girl of open mind, integrity and have her own idea.She has many hobbies, likes sports, jazz music and photography.Furthermore, at work ,She has a strong ability to work independently, mature and resourceful. With customers, she believes sincerity and excellent service are the key to establishing a good cooperative relationship.In her view, she firmly believes that the harder you work, the luckier you will be.


This is Lynne from our export department,whose Chinese name is LinLin. She is honest and cheerful, warm and sincere, has a strong sense of teamwork, a strong sense of time, and is willing to accept new things and communicate with others. She is patient in dealing with people and dealing with matters, and answers questions for customers with good perception. She loves sports and is very self-disciplined in both life and work, believing that self-discipline brings freedom. Doing things adhere to the beginning and end, never give up halfway, the movement of the spirit of not giving up throughout the work.

Group activities

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