Non-electronic 5 stage Ultra filtration system water filter GHY-UF608

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five stages PP+UDF+CTO+UF+T33
Flow rate 30L/h
Filter type: quick-connect

Filter cartridge instruction:

Stage Filter cartridge Replacement Function
1st PP-5um PP spun fiber 3-6 months To remove sand,rust,worm,small suspended
2nd UDF/GAC-Granular actived carbon 6-9 months To absorb organics,bad taste,farm chemical,chlorine
3rd CTO-Actived carbon filter 6-9 months Further absorb heavy metal,organics,removes dust etc.and protect RO membrane
4th UF membrane 1 years With 0.001 um filteration presicion to remove dissolved solids, virus etc.
5th T33-post carbon 1.5-2 years To absorb odor and improve tastes

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